Studying in Australia

Aimed at more mature students 18+, we offer the opportunity to study in Australia, which also provides 

the perfect base for on-going travel around this amazing country.

Our 2 carefully chosen colleges are based in the exciting city of Melbourne and offer various course options.

Our partner colleges have been selected for their performance, location, facilities and safety, they are both excellent options.


Which Course?

Book a meeting to discuss all the options available to you.  


Contact is for your student travel insurance.

VISA Suport

We offer VISA support, allow 6-8 weeks for VISA approval to Australia.


There is endless free support while in Australia, 24-7 local support is available.


Where do you start?!!  There are so many options, but we can assist you with all type of travel plans throughout this amazing country.

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We are specialists in supporting applications to Australian Colleges.  

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