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Study in the UK 

The United Kingdom boasts a well-established academic tradition and prestige, with numerous private boarding schools spread across the country. Enrolling in a school year in the UK offers a complete immersion in British culture, and the wide range of institutions provides numerous opportunities for students.

This program is designed for students ranging from 4th grade in Primary Education to 2nd year of Baccalaureate, and it doesn't require advanced English proficiency. Thanks to the diversity of boarding schools, there are options available for all levels and age groups. 

Study in Ireland

Studying in schools in Ireland and residing with Irish host families is an immersive experience that goes beyond academics. It's an adventure where students not only gain valuable knowledge but also delve into the rich tapestry of Irish culture and language. Living with welcoming host families provides an authentic insight into Irish life, fostering cultural understanding and lifelong connections. The daily interactions and experiences, from enjoying traditional Irish meals to celebrating local customs and festivals, enhance language skills and broaden horizons. It's a holistic education that transcends the classroom, offering a truly unforgettable and transformative journey for young learners.

We partner more than 100 schools  in the UK and Ireland

We host +150 international students  each year in the UK and Ireland

Low percentage of international students in our schools

Preparatory or Secondary School

"We're here to provide expert guidance on the ideal timing for your children's boarding school applications in the UK. We'll help you determine the most suitable year to secure a spot at a prestigious institution. Your child's educational future is our priority."

Primary / Preparatory School 

‘Prep’ or preparatory schools are UK private schools that are the equivalent to the primary and middle schools of the state education sector. Most cater for children aged two to 13 years

Secondary School 

Secondary education is for students aged 11 to 16. This includes the following school types: Secondary schools. Middle schools. Upper schools.

Chose the length of your stay

Academic Years    

Studying an academic year in a UK boarding school is a transformative adventure. The blend of rigorous academics, cultural, linguistic immersion, and close-knit community living offers a unique and enriching experience.


Studying one term in a UK boarding school is a short yet immersive journey where students not only excel academically but also have the opportunity to significantly improve their English language skills through total immersion in the language and culture

Short Stays

From four weeks stay. A short stay in the UK provides a delicious sample of the country's culture, history, and language. 

It's a flavorful immersion in British life, offering a brief yet enriching experience.

VISA, Homologation, Guardianship Service

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Gold Standard AEGIS uardianship Service 

"We proudly provide guardianship services for international students in the UK or Ireland. Ensuring the safety, well-being, and academic success of our young learners is our top priority. With our dedicated team, families can have peace of mind knowing their children are in trusted hands while pursuing their education in the UK." 

Our guardians and host families has been acredited by AEGIS Gold Standard. 

Assistance with your VISA application and Homologation of your course. 

"At our institution, we extend a helping hand to make your dreams of studying in a UK boarding school for more than six months a reality. We offer comprehensive assistance with the student visa application process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transition. Your educational journey begins with us, where we guide you through every step of the way."

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