Chidobe Primary School - Zimbabwe

Alex Ruffell Memorial Fund. 30.9.98

This fund has been set up for essential financial support for Chidobe School in Zimbabwe.   

We have chosen to support this school after hearing about the fantastic work of a local family, following the tragic loss of their son Alex to Meningitis at the age of 16.

In the memory of Alex over the past 26 years they bhave funded building programs, food support and teaching materials.  

To remember Alex and to continue the good work, the memorial fund was set up.

Money and items are collected and the school is visited each year, 

the funds are spent on site during the visit and all financial expenditure is recorded.  

"The happiness we see with their big smiles, makes everything so very worth while"

Oliver Rowley 2023, helping students with their English!!

"Supporting these lovely children was life changing for me, they literally have next to nothing, but they have big smiley faces most of the time.  It's amazing to see these happy children enjoying their days, without all the luxury items we all enjoy at home'.  Oliver.

Mid-Morning Break

The children enjoy their break times, but snacks are in very short supply.

Each child is excited each morning to go to school and learn.

Volunteers helping at lunch time. 

​It's a crucial part of the support given to the school. It helps ensure children to get a nutritious meal, not only for diet, but helps so much with concentration and learning.

Primary School (left)
​Andrew Rowley (right), helping with lessons.

                                                                      Projects Supported                                                                                                                                                          

Providing clean water, pipe work.

Providing lesson equipment, pencils, books. Lap tops for teaxchers.

Providing Shoes, Sports Clothes, Socks, Trousers, Shorts etc.

Teacher support, hours and hours of Voluntary support.

Essential School building work, Safe Play Areas.

Generator to provide Electricity.

Sewing machines and solar panels for a local group of ladies, to help make school uniforms and sell them cheaply for a very small profit.

The Impact of your Contribution

By supporting our cause, you are you are unlocking a world of possibilities for these students. Improved health, increased attendance, and enhanced learning are just a few of the positive outcomes that your generosity can bring. 

Join us in creating a ripple effect of change that will resonate in the lives of these young learners and their community.

Thank you for your amazing support!

Mike and Cristina.

(We will publish updates from the school).