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Are you searching for an internship or

graduate placement?

Our Immersion International database has over a hundred internships and graduate placements.


We offer work experiences in

various cities in Spain and the UK.

Working alongside graduate trainees and experienced professionals, you’ll learn about the business and get exposure to

a wide range of clients.

Our site is the perfect place for you

to improve your future.

To apply, please click the registration

form below.

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Work Placements

Work placement allows you to gain experience in a particular sector, company or job role, and apply your academic knowledge in a practical working environment, giving you ideas

 for your future career.

As part of your degree, you can work in an organisation for an agreed amount of time to gain experience and develop professional skills, to make you stand out from the crowd when you're applying for jobs in the future.


During the placement, your experience and study combine into an integrated package where your practical work and academic

study enhance each other.


You can show employers that you  add commercial value, and demonstrate you can deliver on challenging projects that meet client demands.

To apply, please click the registration

form below.

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