University International and College UK

Please contact us to discuss your prefered pathway and we will help you secure your placement.


University Careers and Masters

Immersion Int, has agreements in place with many leading universities within the UK, Spain, USA, Russia, South Korea and India.

Joining a university overseas is a unique experience, living in a multicultural environment, enhance your chosen second language and will help you present a very strong CV for future employment.

Let us help secure your University position, whichever route you choose, Pre Graduate or Post Graduate.  


Our complete service covers from interview application to placement.

Our residential accommodation can assist you in finding the right place to live.

Speak with us so we can assist you with your decision.

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College UK

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We offer 2 carefully chosen top-ranked UK colleges.


They perform in the top 5% of English college education.

With our special individual support, this 2 years A Level course is the perfect way to lead you into a top UK University.


In our 2018 British Council inspection report we achieved 13 out of 15 areas of strength, and we, therefore, retain our position as one of the top English language schools in the UK offering an extensive subject choice.

Inmersion International offers this excellent college to study a large range of subjects on the south coast of England.

Includes Transfers, Accommodation and an amazing choice of subjects to choose from.

Art and Graphic Design Automotive


Carpentry and Joinery Catering


Computing Construction

Digital Marketing Electrical

English Language Journalism

Painting & Decorating Plumbing


Travel & Tourism

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