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 UK and Ireland

Be inspired by a City of History, Culture and world changing discoveries. 

Book an InmersiónUK education, language course and enjoy a life changing experience.

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Academic Terms or Years

Academic Terms or Years


Studying abroad for a term or a full academic year has the potential of being a life-changing experience for any student. It will give you a better opportunity to immerse yourself in a different culture and connect with students from all around the world.

Chose your destination,

Spain, Ireland, UK, USA, Germany and France.

We offer two different options for your groups of primary school or high school students who wish to improve their second language while exploring

amazing destinations.

We offer minis stays in closed groups or a full immersion experience, sharing lessons and accommodation with local students.  

Visit our page to view our extensive range of Summer camps 2022.

Our camps include lessons, activities, excursions and full board host family and residential accommodation. 

Limited places left for 2022.

Our General English courses provide you with the confidence and skills you need to communicate

effectively in English.

Our English courses have been designed for beginners to advanced levels of English who want to improve their language skills.  

Our programs provide the skills and confidence to succeed in an English-speaking environment.

Joining a university overseas is a unique experience, living in a multicultural environment, enhances your chosen second language and will help you present a very strong CV for

future employment.

Our complete service covers from interview application to placement and accommodation.

Online lessons are available for

students or adults, of all levels.

Students progress quickly, lessons are well structured, informative and also fun.

You can book for any length of time.

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