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Schools - Mini Stays

InmersiónUK specialises in mini stays for School Groups. 

Our Mini Stays have been developed to expand the English language skills which will help the students in the future to advance their knowledge in professional and academic English.


During the course the students will focus on the four main elements: speaking, listening, writing and reading.

Our classes are made up at all levels from elementary to advanced and students can choose to study 15 or 20 academic hours.

We combine this experience with activities, visits and excursions.

We provide two different programmes, mini stay for Closed Groups or Mini Stays Full Immersion, where the students will be immersed in a regular school sharing lessons and accommodation with the local students. 

Our Mini Stays are available in amazing cities as Cambridge, Oxford, Torbay, London, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Leeds, Belfast, Dublin, etc.


Closed Groups

  • Level Test.

  • Different levels 

  • 15 or 20 hours tuitions in closed groups.

  • Full board Accommodation in residences or host families.

  • Excursions.

  • Activities.

  • Sports.

  • Certificate of attendance.


Full Immersion

  • Immersion in a college with local students.

  • Full board Accommodation in boarding school or host families.

  • Excursions.

  • Activities.

  • Sports.

  • Certificate of attendance.


Contact us for your school group quotation.

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